Your work crews demonstrate their ability to work in an environment with commitment to complete the work while not compromising safety. They demonstrate an ability to work autonomously with limited direction, an ability to complete work to the expected standard, an ability to adopt innovative approaches to their work to maximise efficiencies in the conditions and most importantly adopt a "can do" attitude and ultimately ownership to make it happen!

Notably the works have been completed as per the prescribed plan, with Zero customer complaints and Zero environmental incidents. The work crews are a key proponent in maintaining the relationship with our customers and have they have worked in a manner that has continually strived to enhance this relationship.

I would like to recognise the efforts of your Manager Laurie Banks. Laurie demonstrates an unwavering commitment to provide a commendable service to both myself as the client and to our customers. Laurie continuously works above and beyond to deliver the project milestones and offers me his full support to get the job done. It is always a pleasure to work with Laurie.


Tree Dynamix are accredited and otherwise set up to undertake a wide variety of tree works, and have the capability to undertake works of a substantial scale. But what really keeps us asking them back is that they have been able to keep a personal approach as their company has grown.


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